What Can I Do if I Am Injured in a Pedestrian Accident?

You might think that in 2020, pedestrian accidents would decrease. After all, most people stayed off the roads, worked from home and avoided large crowds due to COVID-19. This was not the case.

The Governors Highway Safety Association recently released an accident report evaluating pedestrian accidents in 2020. In the first six months of 2020, pedestrian accidents actually rose by 20 percent. Despite a 16.5 percent reduction in automobile traffic, this did not equate to safer streets. In fact, the rate of fatal pedestrian accidents jumped higher than in previous years.

This is discouraging news for many pedestrians and safety advocates. After all, they hoped 2020 would result in fewer road accidents and injuries. Yet there were more pedestrians out on the road and an increase in distracted and impaired driving. Together, these factors actually fueled the increase in traffic fatalities and pedestrian accidents.

So, what can you do as a pedestrian to protect yourself if such an accident should happen to you? Our Inland Empire personal injury attorney has some tips that may help.

5 Steps to Take After a Pedestrian Accident

After a pedestrian accident, there are many steps you can take to protect your rights to compensation.

  1. Seek Medical Help
  2. Follow the Doctor’s Orders
  3. Gather Evidence and Contact Information
  4. Do Not Speak to the Insurance Company Without Legal Help
  5. Contact an Experienced Pedestrian Accident Attorney

Why You Need to Seek Medical Treatment After a Pedestrian Accident?

After your accident, first responders may take you to the nearest hospital for an evaluation. This is common after a particularly serious pedestrian accident. However, if you suffered an injury in a seemingly minor accident, you must seek medical help on your own. Even if you do not believe you suffered serious harm, it is important to see a doctor. Many injuries take hours or even days to become apparent. During this time, they can worsen and cause significant complications.

You must also follow doctors’ orders precisely. Failure to follow your treatment plan might signal to the insurance company that you are not actually injured.

How a Pedestrian Accident Attorney Can Help You

Though you can gather evidence on your own, it is time-consuming. Combining this factor with the fact that you may be injured also makes gathering evidence even more difficult. An attorney can help you gather evidence. An experience pedestrian accident attorney will not only collect the evidence your case needs, he or she may even collect evidence you never considered.

The best way to protect your rights after a serious pedestrian accident is to contact an experienced pedestrian accident attorney. Your attorney can take the legal burdens off your shoulders. They can investigate the crash, speak to eyewitnesses, gather evidence, and file the necessary claims. This way you can focus on your health and putting your life back together.

Our experienced pedestrian accident attorney can help if you have suffered an injury in an accident. He can negotiate a fair settlement with the insurance company and protect your rights to full compensation. Give us a call at (909) 473-4948 and schedule a free consultation today.

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