What Are the Most Common Winter Accidents?

Winter driving can be dangerous even in temperate Southern California. Though we do not get that much snow and ice, we can still get high winds and lots of rain. These inclement weather conditions can create deadly road conditions and increase the likelihood of winter accidents.

If you suffered an injury in a winter accident, you need to know that the law is on your side. Negligent drivers who drive too fast and reckless can—and should—be held liable for their mistakes. Hiring an experienced car accident lawyer is the first step towards obtaining the compensation you need.

3 Common Winter Accidents on the Road?

Winter car accidents happen for a variety of reasons, but mostly because winter weather makes the roads more hazardous than usual. Thus, it's important to drive carefully during the winter, especially if you are traveling to an area with winter precipitation such as ice or snow. Remember, winter driving becomes even riskier when other drivers do not take proper precautions. So always pay attention to how others on the road are driving, especially in wintery conditions.

Winter car accidents tend to fall into three different categories:

  1. Vehicle control issues. Vehicle control issues include slipping or losing traction in wet conditions, turning too sharply, or hitting a slick patch of road when changing lanes. A good practice would be to have your gears in an automatic transmission set at 2 instead of 1 so that you have more traction on slippery surfaces.
    Another thing to keep in mind is that winter tires are much better than all-season tires for winter weather conditions. They give you more traction on the road, better braking and turn performance. In some cases, winter tires can even reduce your stopping distance by up to 9 feet.
  2. Poor visibility. Poor visibility happens whenever it's difficult to see out because of winter weather conditions, such as foggy roads with poor lighting. Drivers who do not turn on their headlights during rainy or foggy days can cause serious accidents.
  3. Skidding or sliding off the road. Skidding and sliding occur whenever your wheels slip on the road, either from ice or wet winter road conditions. It is important to keep in mind that skidding and sliding are often caused by driver error. Driving at safe speeds not only prevents accidents but allows you to drive defensively.

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